Kellyanne Conway Heated Exchange with Jake Tapper, "Don't Tell the VOTERS that it's Over"

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It's ironic that Kellyanne Conway who has made a career as a professional pollster, refuses to accept reality about Donald Trumps true standings in the polls. She talks about Trump's attempt at a "Gettysburg Address" which he ruined by starting the speech with griping about RIGGED elections and threats of lawsuits aimed at the now twelve women accusing him of sexual assault or inappropriate sexual behavior. She accuses CNN of sharing campaign questions with Hillary Clinton. Jake Tapper quickly sets the record straight stating that it never happened. Kellyanne expressed that she doesn't want the media to tell the public what the standings are in the polls or that it looks like the race is over. Jake Tapper played a video clip of Kellyanne Conway saying that TRUMP WAS WHINING about a rigged system when she was on the Ted Cruz campaign. Jake ends it with a call for Trump to release his TAX RETURNS

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