SNL’s Cold Open Shows Putin Assuring America ‘It’s Going to be Fine’ Under President Trump

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Saturday Night Live kicked off their new show tonight by bringing America a very important announcement from its new leader: Vladimir Putin. After a brief notice that the programming was provided by the Russian Federation, a shirtless Putin came up and addressed the nation while celebrating the results of the election. The joke was obviously in reference to Trump and Putin’s rosy relationship, as well as the concerns that Russia might have compromised Trump while they supposedly interfered with the election. Putin noted that people are skeptical of Trump, but he assured America that people were worried about his presidency too, and no one hears from them much anymore. He went on to lampoon everything from Kellyanne Conway‘s strange inauguration outfit, to the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd. Putin assured the nation that “it’s going to be fine” under Trump’s new administration, though the pawn Putin dragged out to talk him up might disagree.

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