Orangutan Sawing Duel

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A wild orangutan shows off her incredible sawing skills and competes with Spy Orangutan Clip from episode 2 'Intelligence' of our new 5 part series "Spy in the Wild" starting Thursday 12th January 2017, 8pm on BBC 1. If you’re in the US, watch "Spy in the Wild: Love" on PBS starting Feb 1 Narrated by David Tennant Series Directed by John Downer Music by Will Gregory SPY IN THE WILD, A NATURE MINISERIES, a John Downer Production for BBC, PBS and THIRTEEN Productions LLC, premieres Wednesdays, February 1-March 1, 8-9 pm ET on PBS stations. Watch more clips from Spy in the Wild - 'Langur Monkeys Grieving' from programme 1 'Love'

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