Life is not a Job Training Program

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There were so many very good questions I didn't answer in this video, both specific and broad. What many of them come down to is, "Is college worth the money" or "I feel like I'm being eaten alive by my student loans and I don't know if it was worth it." The short answers is that, on average, college is very worth it: The long answer is that, as college gets more expensive, it becomes /less likely/ to be worth it every year. Which is why college needs to stop getting more expensive. And the only way that happens is if everyone gets a lot more price selective when picking schools. THINGS Watch The Best Parts video and subscribe to the Parade YouTube channel here:" Why is College So Expensive: So. Many. Posters. All. On. Sale! Backpack Hoodie ---- Subscribe to our newsletter! And join the community at Help transcribe videos - John's twitter - John's tumblr - Hank's twitter - Hank's tumblr - Preorder John's new book, Turtles All the Way Down, out October 10th 2017! You can find links to both the signed and unsigned editions here: and information on how to (probably) get a signed copy here:

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