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  • 2NE1 - '안녕 (GOODBYE)' M/V

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    Download on iTunes @ Available @ #2NE1 #투애니원 #안녕 #GOODBYE #DIGITALSINGLE #MV #NEWRELEASE #YG More about 2NE1 @ http://iTunes.c...


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    “It’s not you, it’s… Someone else. I wanna date them instead. Please leave.” Featuring Dodie 'doddleoddle' Clark ( and the voice of Jack 'sfilms' Douglass ( Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (

  • This Text Will CRASH ANY iPhone! 🏳️0🌈

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    🏳️0🌈 This 3 Emoji Text Will CRASH & FREEZE ANY iPhone Instantly! Send This Insane Prank To a Friend! iOS 10.2.1 - 10.0 OPEN WITH SAFARI NOT YouTube: OR Emergency Fix: Video Crash Prank: ...

  • The Real Moral Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars

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    We talk about all the potentially challenging situations autonomous cars could get into but not about how human drivers are not very good. Tens of thousands die on the roads every year in collisions, most of which could be prevented by autonomous vehicles. Sponsored by BMW I wanted to make a video ...

  • The Discovery | Teaser Trailer [HD] | Trailer

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    One year after the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified, millions around the world have ended their own lives in order to “get there”. A man and woman fall in love while coming to terms with their own tragic pasts and the true nature of the afterlife. Coming to Netflix March 31....

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